How to Maintain Yoga Mat?

How to Maintain Yoga Mat?

Friends who practice yoga regularly will have a favorite yoga mat, whether it is an easy-to-clean PU rubber mat or a machine washable Suede Yoga mat. But if you just use it without paying attention to maintenance, the life of the mat may not be very long. Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the floor mat, maintenance work should be done. How to maintain a yoga mat?

1. Wipe frequently to keep clean

No matter what kind of yoga mat you buy, you should always pay attention to cleaning. After cleaning, looking at the clean mat will make you feel more comfortable practicing yoga. If the mat is not wiped, it is covered with dirt, which may induce dermatitis after skin contact.

2, the cushion is afraid of oil

In the process of using yoga mats, pay attention to oil prevention, because usually many mats are afraid of oil, because oil is difficult to clean on it, and it is easy to slip after people step on it. In daily life, we should also pay attention to the storage place as far as possible away from the place with a lot of oil smoke.

3. Do not expose to the sun

Usually, after the yoga mat is cleaned, it needs to be dried in the sun, but when drying, be careful not to dry it for too long, because the mat will become soft and cannot be used normally.
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